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Vehicle Engineering, Evaluation and Verification

We do sweat the small stuff.....

Our state of the art shop is populated by highly trained automotive personnel whose experience and knowledge go beyond components and system, to an understanding of the entire vehicle.

In evaluating vehicles, we go over each one top to bottom and bumper to bumper. We begin with a detailed checklist. We carefully check the interior and exterior. No detail is too small. Does the radio work properly? Do the interior light switches work? We consider everything, right down to the door codes and key fobs.

In addition, we perform drives to evaluate vehicle performance and dynamics; recording NVH characteristics and squeaks and rattles. We asses tire balance and suspension as part of an extensive checklist of the vehicle's operation.

In the end, the OEM receives a report of any imperfections and our staff work hand-in-hand with OEM engineers to address these.


Our vehicle engineering, evaluation and verification covers all the bases

  • Safety Inspection
  • Dynamic Evaluation
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • Full Detail
  • Engineering sign-off