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Vehicle Preparation

It's all in the Details......

When it comes to Vehicle Preparation no detail is too small. A Motor City Solutions' Team dynamically drives each vehicle, noting the fine points like NVH Characteristics, Suspension, Squeaks and Rattles and Tire Balance. Any mechanical issues are addressed by our ASE-Certified Mechanics.

Vehicles are also given a static inspection for fit and finish, door gaps, paint surface and interior craftsmanship. In all cases, the slightest imperfections are noted and corrected immediately. The vehicles are washed of course - with purified water that prevents any mineral deposits.

When our people are finished, each car, truck or SUV is in "better than showroom" condition. But before a vehicle can leave the premises, seats are placed upright and back to emphasize roominess. Radio stations are set to the preferences for the journalist receiving the vehicle and tires are inflated to within 1/10 of a pound of the recommended pressure.

Let's Talk Shop

Motor City Solutions operates a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot shop with all the technology necessary to evaluate, test and prepare vehicles.

  • Hoists
  • Paint Booth
  • Paint Mixing Room
  • Detailing Stations
  • Wash Bay Area
  • Tire Test Area
  • Static Display Area